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H Parsons Funeral Directors Provides Funeral Bonds Australia

Many people wisely choose to set aside money to be assured of a decent funeral, one that does not impose a financial burden on family or friends. A Funeral Bond allows you to provide for future funeral expenses with peace of mind. Funeral bonds are simply like an investment account where money is saved to help cover funeral related expenses.
For full details refer to the Funeral Bond disclosure statement.
Please contact us if you would like a booklet posted to you or if you would like to meet with us for further discussion.

Following is a brief summary of the features and benefits of Foresters Funeral Bonds:

· A funeral bond is not a legal contract between the bondholder and H.Parsons unlike pre-paid funerals and therefore provides more flexibility in banking deposits.

· Funeral bonds, unlike a pre-paid funeral, make it easier to transfer to another funeral home if at a later date you move out of the Illawarra.

· Asset and income test exemptions apply to people who receive full or part means-tested pensions from Centrelink or the Department of
Veterans Affairs. Depending on your circumstances this may mean you are entitled to a larger pension.

· Once the money has been invested and the 14-day cooling off period has expired the funds may only be used to cover funeral expenses.

· You will not be required to include annual bonuses in your income tax return, and tax paid on fund income by Foresters is expected to be fully recovered when bond proceeds are paid to meet your future funeral expenses.
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