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Death of a person is the physical termination of his existence and a void in the lives of his near and dear ones. With death, we also need to do the last rites of the bodies to honour the departed soul. Funeral directors are experienced professionals to guide you through all the procedures and formalities that has to be completed before and after the cremation of the body. Parsons Funerals is a more than a century old name that is trusted and most recognized in the Illawarra community. Our special services include registering deaths with various departments, pre-paid funeral plans, prearranged funerals and personalized services. Funerals Ilawarra is committed to provide caring and needful personalized service either in your homes or in the four cemeteries, and churches owned by Parsons Funeral Home. We are there to care for you and your loved ones forever.

H Parsons Funeral Directors was founded with the express purpose to provide 100% Australian service to our people in Wollongong, Illawarra and neighbouring places in Australia. We have about 120 years of experience providing support and care for bereaved families. We are devoted to delivering a respectful, sensitive, dignified, and professional NSW obituaries and funeral services at this emotional juncture in your lives. We pride ourselves on the service we deliver, the standards we uphold and the relationships we create with families and friends in the community. It is never an easy time when our services are needed, but when a family chooses Parsons Funerals, we are truly honoured and you can rest assured that the last rites of your loved one will be performed with love and care.

When you subscribe to our funeral notices NSW services, we help you in notifying about the death in obituaries NSW, whereby people in the area and neighbourhood are informed of the recent deaths NSW and the dates and timing for funerals and memorial services without you bothering about the same. We also arrange for snacks and lunch if asked for the funerals. Browse to know more about our special services first hand.

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